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A magic carpet ride with Siren Elise Wilhelmsen

You may have previously heard me banging on about fantastic Norwegian artist SIREN ELISE WILHELMSEN, and her super clever design the grandfather knitting clock. Well, she’s done it again… and again. Introducing us to a “carpet with its own memory” and a “soft thermometer carpet” that changes colours; Skill, character, diversity and individuality cannot be in question here, this artist knows exactly what she’s doing and boy does she do it. With such refined execution and tenacious appetite for design that culminates into such original works, I am fast becoming Miss Wilhelmsen’s number one fan. Boo Ya!

Memory Carpet 

“A chair has been standing on the same spot for a long time – so long that it has become a part of the carpet it´s placed on top of. Together the two elements tell a story about our everyday habits, it creates a new situation and encourage us to use the remaining empty space.”

Season Carpet

Wilhelmsen refers to her Season Carpet as a soft thermometer; It’s made from 100% wool and dyed with particular heat-sensitive pigments. “The carpet is braided in a three-color pattern, where the colours have different temperature sensibilities and will change its colour at different temperatures. In this way, the carpet will change its look through the day and the year – depending on the environment.”

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