Doing Looking

Spy holes; for the peeping Tom in all of us


Choose a peep hole, door viewer or spy hole (my personal favourite) that allows a wide field of vision; you should be able to see someone standing to the side of the door (be afraid) or even crouching below the viewer (be very afraid).

Tools needed

Power Drill                   Drill Bit; 1/2 -inch                   A Martini (shaken, not stirred)

  • Select one that is adjustable to fit any thickness of door
  • Centre the spy hole by measuring the width of the door and halving it. Come up roughly 5 feet from the ground and mark with pencil
  • Have a slug of Martini and marvel at your handy work
  • Drill a hole of the recommended size – usually 12mm – right through the mark on the door at a comfortable eye level
  • Insert the barrel of the viewer into the drilled hole from the outside
  • Screw on eyepiece from inside
  • Finish the martini and start spying
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