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Stone Art; Japan’s Hirotoshi Ito

After Hirotoshi Ito graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts he naturally followed in his ancestors footsteps and joined the family masonry business “Ito Masonry”. Established in 1879 and now crafting Tombstones, Memorials and Dosojin (stone markers) this long standing business is conveniently located just underneath Hirotoshi’s own stone art gallery, Gallery Jiyuseki, in Nagano, Japan. “While operating as a stone mason I began my own work production.” Utilizing the image that a stone is hard, I think even from now on, I would like to express the warmth and humour.”

Cold Day


Stone Polo Shirt                                      Stone Coin Pouch

Mr Ito has been creating and exhibiting his own stone art in Japan and overseas with acclaimed success. “Since I started exhibiting abroad, I’ve grown more fascinated with stones as a material. It seems anybody from anywhere in the world can relate to my work because stones are the earth itself.”


  Take A Rest


   Metal Age                                                 Last Summer

For his personal works he uses various kinds of stones ranging from granite and marble to ones he found at the Azusa river bank near his home in Nagano, Japan.

 Laughing stones


  Hirotoshi Ito’s work can be commissioned through his gallery Gallery Jiyuseki or by contacting him through iichi.com

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