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Stylish DIY Kits From Australia’s Craft Queen

When Tamara Maynes isn’t contributing to Inside Out Magazine and a making her own special designs she’s helping the less crafty among us get in on the home-made action. Her store, The Six Week Boutique, offers some of the best DIY kits that allow the even the most buttery fingered crafters create home-made homewares that will inspire squeals of I-made-it-myselfs every time someone calls. The Paradise Motel box light ($10) is case in point; once you have the materials, the easy to follow instructions will talk you through each step to help you make your very own light installation that, all going well, you can proudly hang on your walls.
Paradise Motel DIY Light box kit If the thought of having to use a drill is a crafty step too far, perhaps the DIY Quilt Light Kit ($20) would be a better option. Again, the instructions are downloadable and once you have the right paper and tape, you’re all set to start seriously impressing your mates. And probably making them think you’re a damn liar.
Quilt light DIY kit Should your friends start doubting your new-found skills, the best way to respond would be with a beautifully embroidered death threat, and Tamara has just the thing. These Ransom Note cross-stitch templates ($8 for the whole creepy alphabet) are just the thing for making the most passive aggressive embroidery hoops around. After all, “I Know Where You Live” is totes the new “Hope Sweet Home”.
Ransom Note cross stitch pattern diy funny Of course, if all else fails, cheat. The Six Week Boutique also offers some products that are already made, like these gorgeously oversized Macrame Wall Hangings ($495). Crafty enough to hint that you made it yourself but, you know, completed by another person for you in exchange for money (mere semantics), if I sew my finger to another embroidery hoop, this is the route I’m taking. Well, I did make the money myself, surely that’s a plausible form of DIY.
Macrame Wall Hanging oversized

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