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Art Delivery: Pic In A Box

art in a box delivery subscription service gift

Subscription boxes always seem like such a good idea until you end up with six months of molding coffee/wine/mascara in the back of a cupboard. An art delivery service that rocks up once a month to prettify your walls, now that’s more like it. The fact that art isn’t a consumable isn’t the most common reason for it being bought, but then, art is more often not bought, so it’s valid.

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Doing Loving

Beyond the Sill; Turn your Window into a Stylish Garden

Window pods indoor garden hack vertical garden ideas creative

Kickstarter, one of my favourite places to waste time these days, can throw up many a surprising, terrifying and face-slappingly worrying idea from would-be entrepreneurs. Often though, you’ll find a little invention that is close enough to what already exists to make you wonder if some mad scientist hasn’t already light-bulbed it and clever enough to be demand support and encouragement because it turns out, smarty pants, that it’s the first of its kind. Window Pods are one of those inventions. Interior designers are going nuts for all things indoor gardening of late but add some super-hip vertical gardening to the mix and you’ve got an Elle Decor wet-dream.
Window pods indoor garden hack vertical garden ideas creative
Create by California-based green finger Ben Shope, the Window Pods are a clever solution for those of you who don’t have the space or light for plant pots. Using a suction pad, the pods stick to the window (let there be light) without taking up any valuable real-estate on your window sill. Having already raised his financial goal, there’s still a month left to back Ben and get on his good side before he turns into the Bill Gates of shrubbery. So far, no word on shipping outside of the U.S. but with the pods coming in at $39 for three (including herbs seeds), you can probably offer some kind of bribe.Visit for more.


The Foldin’ Days; 10 Papercraft DIYs That Are Way Better Than The Crap You Made As A Kid.

paper craft taxidermy cool hip stylish trendy interiors ideas apartment skull pinwheels bowl tpography camera flowers In my day, a plastic scissors and a piece of paper was a month spent off the streets. Sure, it kills me that spoilt little snots have way better toys than I did (the closest I came to a computer before the age of 15 was a plastic cash register that never asked for weird pictures of me), but way really cuts me up is that the internet has made the toys of yore way better.
I had, for example, all the necessary supplies to make all of the super cool crafts below, but  I didn’t have the imagination or access to those who did. Sure, I’m probably better off for not having had access to grown ups who make kids’ treats, but now that I’m an adult, I’m the one who’s going to be taking advantage. I made this subject matter way darker than it needed to be. Sorry. Just enjoy these super-wacky-crazy papercraft tutorials and pretend like I’m normal.

Custom made paper people.
Papercraft fiverr diy gift ideas funny clever geeky stylish tutorialThis isn’t a freebie but for a measly $5 you can have a ready-to-assemble paper-person of yourself. Aaah, Fiverr. You know what this means, right? make paper-persons out of all those people you have arguements in your head with and live out all the awesome comebacks that never were. Or give one as a gift to someone you love. That would be nice too.
Visit the imaginatively named Dani7770’s Fiverr gig to get yours for €4.

Paper letter animals.
Papercraft  diy gift ideas funny clever geeky stylish tutorial zebra papercraft All those days spent learning the alphabet and never once did I think to make a zebra Z. This changes now. Follow the link for a whole alphabet of letters (including a ninja N that I’m thinking of whipping up). Just print off the templates and get folding.
Visit Digit Prop for this and loads more super cool papercraft tutorials.

DIY Paper Taxidermy
paper craft taxidermy cool hip stylish trendy interiors ideas apartment The clever folks over at Paper Wolf have come up with a way to save on animals and postage; self-assembly papercraft animal heads. You buy the pre-cut cardboard pieces and put it together yourself, basking in the glow of your cleverness. There are many other paper beasts on sale…including a unicorn.
Visit Paper Wolfs Shop, paper heads come in at around €42.

Paper Skull with articulated jaw.
paper craft taxidermy cool hip stylish trendy interiors ideas apartment skull Paper skull….With. Articulated. Jaw…Need I say more?
Get the free tutorial at Skull A Day.

Paper pinwheels.
paper craft taxidermy cool hip stylish trendy interiors ideas apartment skull pinwheels I possibly did make paper pinwheels but I never made pretty displays out of them like this. My dream is to have a wall of Shady and the Lamp‘s Tweed Pinwheels, until then I might just think about considering maybe making these. Maybe.
Get the tutorial for paper pinwheels from Petit PouLou

Paper geoball bowls
paper craft taxidermy cool hip stylish trendy interiors ideas apartment skull pinwheels bowl If I had bowls like this all over the apartment, it would be pristine. Basically, it’s these little bowls’ fault that I can never find my keys.
Get your life together with the (Finnish) tutorial from Tuulahdus

Paper craft alphabet wall art
paper craft taxidermy cool hip stylish trendy interiors ideas apartment skull pinwheels bowl Another example of how terribly unstylish my alphabet-learning days were. If only my stupid teachers had Pinterest.
Get the tutorial for the awesomest alphabet from Weekday Carnival

Working paper camera
paper craft taxidermy cool hip stylish trendy interiors ideas apartment skull pinwheels bowl tpography camera Okay, so you need a few other components, but this is a functioning film camera made from paper. Practical? No. But such a cool idea for weddings.
Get the tutorial for the paper camera from Wonder How To’s inspiring Paper Craft section.

Papercraft flowers.
paper craft taxidermy cool hip stylish trendy interiors ideas apartment skull pinwheels bowl tpography camera flowers Who needs s man who brings fresh flowers every Saturday morning with the papers and a croissant when you can make your…paper flowers? These are all kinds of gorgeous though and when Spring hits and the Winter blues lift, spending an hour making flowers for yourself will feel like a much more positive endeavour.
Get the tutorial from 100 Layer Cake.

Political paper pigs.
paper craft taxidermy cool hip stylish trendy interiors ideas apartment skull pinwheels bowl tpography camera flowers These aren’t just cute little paper pigs. No, no, that would be childish. These are political paper pigs. You can dowload the template for free but the politico who created these is hoping for a donation to his cause. I didn’t really pick up on what the cause is, I was too busy looking at the cutesy-wootsy piggies.
Get the tutorial from Toxic Paper Factory.



Looking Loving

Getting the Spinners; Oversized Pinwheel Wall Art

Tweed oversized pinwheels wall art witty whimisical fun The Style It sabbatical has come to an end. Normal sporadic posting will commence….now. I won’t bore you with the details of my recent laziness but I will bore you with a little sentimentality; it’s been a year since my sister and I started this motley blog and while Sarah has since left for greener pastures, her spirit is still here, (I can’t get it out of the carpets.) So, it seems fitting to celebrate the anniversary with an update on Sarah and her new adventures with her shop Shady and the Lamp. The blogger becomes the blogee. Not content with designing and hand-making the lamp shades for uber-celebrity chef Marco Pierre White’s new Dublin eaterie, winning all kinds of hardware and fist-bumps for her exhibition at the Ideal Home Show and generally nailing her first year in business like a goddam legend, now she’s gone and designed some of the loveliest wall art I’ve ever had the pleasure to get a discount on (I’m getting a discount, right?). Three words: Oversized. Tweed. Pinwheels. I know. With the largest one (€57) clocking up 14″ these are sizeable enough to make an impact on their own, although I’m getting at least three to line up and float along a bare wall (I am getting three, right?).  Check out Shady and the Lamp’s Etsy store and the Facebook page for the (stunning) bricks and mortar store and tell her Niamh misses her, even though she’s a butt-munch.

Tweed oversized pinwheels wall art witty whimisical fun


F*ck Yeah It’s Irish; Damn Fine Dublin Prints

Damn fine print dublin stylish art

Damn Fine Print is a Dublin based community print studio that deliver exactly what their name claims. Acting as a hothouse for designers and illustrators, DFP aims to offer rental space and access to expensive printing equipment for Dublin’s up-and-coming print art movement while producing some damn brilliant art in the process. With exciting plans in the pipeline, the fledgling company is currently offering bespoke prints as well as a selection from the country’s most promising artists. I’m getting all misty eyed looking through their selection of prints inspired by Dublin, some of which have already sold out. Fair warning.

Damn fine print dublin stylish art
Damn fine print dublin stylish art
Damn fine print dublin stylish art
Damn fine print dublin stylish art


P-p-pick Up A Penguin; Stylish Book Love Art Prints

penguin book lovers posters art prints

A little bit of book love feeds the soul and these clever art prints from Degree are inspired by our ravenous paperback consumption. “We wade through them on beaches, we devour them on picnics, we go forth with them on the road,” or so the blurb goes. Using a vintage suitcase, beach towel and picnic blanket as the settings, these prints evoke classic paperbacks without infringing and that oh so litigious little penguin. The ingenious execution, bang-on tones and lack of text make these the perfect print for book lovers and dodgers alike. Is anyone else hungry? Available from Degree for €35.

penguin book poster bookworm presents

penguin book poster bookworm presents

penguin book poster bookworm presents
Penguin book lovers posters art


Sheet Happens; 10 Bed Linen Sets Every Couple Needs

Funny bed linen for newly weds couples Fighting over the quilt, slamming your head on the bedside locker after being sleep-shoved out of bed, landing in dirty socks; ah, the gentle bliss of living with your loved one. All’s fair in love and war until somebody loses their slice of the blanket…then all bets are off. Here are ten bed sets that will help your bedtime feel like less of a battleground…unless you’re into that kind of thing.

1. Yes, No, Maybe pillowcases(€52, Minna’s Room). Make your message loud and clear and get exactly what you want with these hanky panky pillowcases…or just throw them in the air and let destiny decide.

Yes no maybe sex pillowcase couple

2. Seven Deadly Sins pillowcases (€32, Dustys and Lulu). Option 1 a little too discrete? Then get to the point with Dustys and Lulu’s sinful pillowcases. Other options include Shouty, Fatty, Angry and Slutty so your every mood is covered.

Lazy horny pillow cases funny wedding

3. Make Love Not War duvet set (Miss Geschick and Lady Lapsus). Sharing is caring so put an end to the your-side-my-side debate with this 50/50 duvet cover. The gun, alas, is not included but highly recommended.

Fifty fifty sharing duvet cover funny wedding gifts

4. Buon Appetito duvet cover (Miss Geschick and Lady Lapsus). Nobody should be kicked out of bed for eating biscuits. Nobody. Luckily the clever folks at Miss Geschick and Lady Lapsus have created this duvet cover/napkin that allows you eat a full Sunday roast between the sheets if you want to, without ruining the bed. About bloody time.

Buon Appetito bed covers couples funny

5. Doodle duvet cover (from €55, Doodle and Stitch). Now this is my kind of duvet cover. The notepad print is awesome in it’s own right but throw in the possibility of writing lovey, lusty or don’t-forget-the-milky notes and you have the perfect bed linen for busy couples. Simply pop it into the wash and you have clean slate to write on all over again. Something like ‘seriously, remember to bring home some goddamn milk‘, perhaps?

Doodle duvet cover for couples wedding gifts

6. Love Birds pillow cases (€25, Xeno Tees). Let the shenanigans commence with these Love Birds pillowcases. They say the secret to a happy relationship is never going to bed angry and I’m guessing that a few minutes spent chirping at each other in bed would ease the tension. If that doesn’t work, invent your own version of Angry Birds.

Love birds pillowcases for couples funny

7. Happiness In Bed duvet cover (€264, Happiness In Bed). With built-in sleeves to keep your arms warm while you read, this ingenious duvet set has got loved-up bookworms covered. Well, anything that staves off the need for the powerfully contraceptive Slanket is good in my book.

Happiness in bed sleeve duvet

8. My Side Your Side pillowcase (€37, Cushions Covered). Forget compromising, mark your territory early with these pillowcases and put your partner in their place. And yes, you can buy two My Sides if you want…that should help clear up any misunderstandings.

My Side Your Side pillowcase wedding gifts

9. Twister Duvet Set (€100, Ebay). Having originally started out as a Mexican ad for Viagra, the Twister duvet set has turned into one of the most sought after bedroom accessories since, well, Viagra. It may take a little hunting (Ebay is your best bet) but a few rounds of naked Twister is probably equal to a decade of couples counselling.

Twister duvet for couples funny wedding

10. Blandito Transformable Pad (from €415, Blandito). Admittedly this isn’t bed linen, but how often have you looked at your lunchtime burrito and wished you could just climb on in? Well, now you can. Kind of. These transformable pads wrap you and your amigo up like little donkeys for some seriously spicy snuggling. Is this what they mean by Food Porn?

Blandito bed topper newlyweds funny


A Little Sketchy; Cursey Pencils For Students

Hurray, the Leaving Cert is over. Boo, it’s time for college. As students the world over brace themselves for for the sweet purgatory that is college, I thought it apt to feature The Carbon Crusader’s profanity-riddled pencils. The first day in a new school is the perfect setting for trying out a badass new attitude and these lewd leads will make you look tough as nails even if you spend each night sobbing into your blanky. Sure, pencils are a bit nerdy, and I’m not definite that the iPhone generation even know how to use them, but these sketchers are bound to earn you some kind of scary-cool nickname. Like Snake, yes I rather like Snake. Well, if someone’s going to borrow your stuff and never give it back they might as well be reminded just what a bad mo-fo you are. The pencils come in sets of three (€3.10) and six (€6.10) from the Carbon Crusader’s store.

Shit got real pencils college gifts humour funny curse
It's raining bullshit pencils college gifts humour funny curse

Fuck this shit pencil college gifts humour funny curse

Living Looking

The Cycle Of Life; Bike Taxidermy To Immortalize Your Wheels

Bicycle Taxidermy bike gifts geeky

Firstly, don’t ever type “taxidermy” into Google Images when there is thunder and lightening outside. Stuffed cats haunt dreams, as do four Bambis sewn together. But Bike Taxidermy; now here’s a nifty idea that doesn’t make me want to acid attack my own eyes. People become strangely attached to their bikes (I think it has something to do with the crotch-centric nature of the relationship) and Bicycle Taxidermy helps them immortalize their beloved handlebars in much the same way a hunter would an animal’s face. There are 3 different styles of plaques, two colour options and a little engravable plate for the epitaph, all for a pretty reasonable £50. You can also buy purpose made versions with groovy looking handlebars already attached; I guess that’s for the cyclist whose old bike is wheeling around a farm too far away to visit. 

Bicyle Taxidermy cyclist gifts ideas
Bicyle Taxidermy cyclist gifts ideas

Loving Tasting

Feeling Chipper; Sharpen Up Your Salads With Karato’s Oversized Kitchen Parer

Fancying up carrots while making grown men gird their loins, the Karoto oversized parer is my kind of kitchen aid. Standing out as one of those why-didn’t-they-think-of-it-sooner gadgets, Israeli designer Avichai Tadmor‘s counter-top tool makes salad-worthy parings from carrots, cucumbers, courgettes and pretty much anything else you can fit into it. Whether or not you can use it when you lose your eyeliner sharpener remains to be seen, but anything that takes the soul-crushing tedium out of veg prep is good in my book. And by ‘veg prep’ I mean ‘cocktail garnishing’.
Get the Karoto Sharpener from Design Boom’s store, €12.

karoto-carrot-peeler-sharpener-avichai-tadmor- fun cool kitchen karoto-carrot-peeler-sharpener fun kitchen gadgets cool