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Temporary Tattoos; Designer Ink For Wimps

‘The other day I got a Henna tattoo that says “Forever”‘ ~ Zach Galifianakis.

When Ötzi the Iceman – the mummified corpse of a tatted-up dude who lived over 5,000 years ago – was discovered in 1991, many would-be tattees were reminded of just how permanent tattoos are. Other common excuses for chickening out include disapproving mothers/bosses, the fear of boredom and Hayden Pannettiere. Worry not, thanks to the slew of design led temporary tattoos on the market, wimping out and inking up has never been such a good idea. Here’s my pick of the best temporary tattoos for commitment phobes.

Robot temporary tattooRobots temporary tattoo; €4 for 2, Tattly.
Not another anchor tattoo  Woodland critters temporary tattoo
Not another anchor tattoo; €6 for 2, Tattyoo. Woodland critters temporary tatt; €6, DB Illustrations.
Home sweet home temporary tattooHome Sweet Home temporary tattoo; €6 for 2, Tattyoo.
Fox temporary tattoo design  Four folks and a dog temporary tattoo
Fox temporary tatt; €8 for 2, Burrowing Homes. Four folks and a dog tattoo; €4 for 2, Tattly.
You're late watch temporary tattoo designerYou’re late watch tattoo; €4 for 2, Tattly.
I am typography tattoo  Dog sketch temporary tattoo
I Am typography tattoo; €2.50 Dotting Hill. Dog sketch temporary tattoo; €4.50, Pepper Ink.
Paper Airplane temporary tattooPaper airplane tattoo; €4.50, Pepper Ink.

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