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Ten Christmas pressies for Arrested Development fans (all under 50 bucks)

The best present you can get someone who doesn’t watch Arrested Development is a lobotomy. The best present you can get someone who does is the box set and a bucket of Forget-me-nows. Or these. Look at gift-list Michael.

1. An artist’s rendering of an infamous Bluth hiccup. 

Mole problem screen print; €19.74 (plus p&p €9.48), And Thank You For Flying.

2. A Gob and Franklin sticker.  


Gob and Franklin sticker; €1.97 (plus reasonable p&p), David Benton.

3. A never nude print. Which is exactly what it sounds like.

Never nude art print; €7.90 (plus €11.85 p&p), Andrew Heath

4. Quote pencils with rubbers, for huge mistakes

 12 Arrested Development quote pencils; €11.85 (plus €3.55 p&p), Ear Mark.

5. The many face of Tobias phone cover, including such favourites as Leather Daddy, Mrs. Featherbottom and just plain old Dr. Funke, analrapist. 

The many faces of Tobias phone cover; €27.15 (plus reasonable p&p), Tom Trager.

6. A portrait of Franklin for whitey. 

Franklin A3 poster; €15.79 (plus €5.53 p&p), Creative Sobriety.

7. I think I just blue myself greetings card. There has to be a better way to say that. 

Blue myself card; €3.04 (plus €3.95 p&p to Europe), aLou Creations.

8. And that’s why you always leave a note embroidery hoop. If someone had left a note, this innocent man would still have his arm. 

And that’s why you always leave a note embroidery hoop; €21.32 (plus €3.95 p&p to Europe), Oooh Stitchy.

9. The chicken says, ‘chaw chee-chaw chee-chaw’ mug. 

Chee-chaw mug; €25 (plus reasonable p&p), Cafe Press

10. Tobias badges. Because you can’t have too much of Uncle T-bag.

Tobias badges; €7.13 (plus €3.96 p&p to Europe), Arthur’s Plaid Pants

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