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The clock that could; knitting clock

Rarely do I get this excited about a design but artist Siren Elise Wilhelmsene has officially put the tick back into tock, she ain’t called Siren for nothing. You will probably have seen Miss Wilhelmsenes earlier version of this clock, the 365 knitting wall clock which earned the Norwegian artist the 2010 Time to Design award.

 Well this is his grandfather and what a fox. The grandfather knitting clock uses nearly 1,500ft of yarn to show the passing of time and will leave you with a 2 meter scarf by the end of December.

This 24-hour clock knits one stitch every half an hour, adding one new row to the scarf every day. “Now the past can be carried out in the future and the upcoming year is hiding in a spool of thread, still unknitted”.


Miss Wilhelmsen has sent one of her ‘knitting clock’ prototypes to Japan in the hopes of having it mass produced and dreams of working with Scandinavian furniture giant IKEA so fingers and toes crossed.

Eight signed versions of the standing ‘grandfather’ clock have been made which are selling for €2,735.

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