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The Cycle Of Life; Bike Taxidermy To Immortalize Your Wheels

Bicycle Taxidermy bike gifts geeky

Firstly, don’t ever type “taxidermy” into Google Images when there is thunder and lightening outside. Stuffed cats haunt dreams, as do four Bambis sewn together. But Bike Taxidermy; now here’s a nifty idea that doesn’t make me want to acid attack my own eyes. People become strangely attached to their bikes (I think it has something to do with the crotch-centric nature of the relationship) and Bicycle Taxidermy helps them immortalize their beloved handlebars in much the same way a hunter would an animal’s face. There are 3 different styles of plaques, two colour options and a little engravable plate for the epitaph, all for a pretty reasonable £50. You can also buy purpose made versions with groovy looking handlebars already attached; I guess that’s for the cyclist whose old bike is wheeling around a farm too far away to visit. 

Bicyle Taxidermy cyclist gifts ideas
Bicyle Taxidermy cyclist gifts ideas

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