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Billboards; Perfect Bill Murray Prints

Perhaps the most damning part of The Academy Awards’ history of snubbery is that Billy Murray has yet to take home a statuette. Not even for his tenderness in Lost In Translation, his deadpan genius in The Life Aquatic or his hair in Kingpin. Luckily there are plenty of artists with much Murray love to express and their awesome arty efforts might just get us through another pitiful Oscar season. Take a looksie…

Bill Murray wheatpaste poster; €7.60, Store Envy.
The Life Aquatic poster print  Being Bill Murray Art print  Bob Harris Art Print
The Life Aquatic; €45, Peter Strain. Being Bill Murray print; €12, Shop Loren. Bob Harris art print; €12, Derek Eads
Venkman poster printVenkman poster print; €13.50, Studio Tricktop.
Regal Bill Murray portrait print  Raleigh St. Clare poster print  Venkman Ghostbusters art print Bill Murray love
Regal Bill print; €19, ReplaceFace. Raleight poster print; €17.11, suPmon. Venkman print; €11.50, Derek Eads
A Tribute To  A Legend Bill Murray posterTribute To A Legend poster; €23, Store Envy
Steve Zissou poster printPrint of Bill Murray oil paintingWell I Want To Die St. Clair print
Steve Zissou; €15.50, William Henry.  Bill Murray oil painting print; €40, Saatchi Online. St. Clair; €11.50, Derek Eads.

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