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The Party Never Ends; Everlasting Ceramic Balloon

Much like scraps of tinsel tacked to the walls become a depressing symbol of the post-Christmas anti-climax, withering balloons never make the post-Birthday days any easier. Luckily, artist Sivan Sternbach has turned the humble balloon into permanent mini-celebration with her captivating ceramic versions.The Israeli artist, who has received the Saatchi seal of approval, has a background in pastry-making, meaning she is quite possibly the best person the invite to a party ever. And while her pastel balloons look almost good enough to eat, her earthy ceramic beauties are strangely haunting. Like the ghosts of birthdays past, minus the toilet-hugging hangover. 

Sivan Sternbach ceramic balloon pink
Sivan Sternbach ceramic balloon pink

Sivan Sternbach ceramic balloon white permanent everlasting balloon

Sivan Sternbach ceramic balloon natural everlasting

Sivan Sternbach’s ceramic balloons, available from Saatchi Online, are €450. Prints start at €38.

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      Fight you for them!

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