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These Aren’t The Eggs You’re Looking For; How To Do Easter Like A Jedi

I was going to apologies for this, the third consecutive choc-centric post, but then I remembered that no-one in the history of the world has ever complained about having too much chocolate. Then I decided to write the whole post with a yoda eggcellent Star Wars and Easter puns but too annoying it became. So here’s a boring old list of delicious ways to Jedi up your Easter. Some of them might be a little…CHEWY! Hey-ooooh. I’ll just leave. 

1. Eat your Creme Eggs like this.

William Rottenburg Star Wars Creme Egg easterAnd follow William Rotternburg‘s Flickr stream for more ideas.

2. Paint all your eggs like Star Wars characters.

DIY Star Wars painted eggsDIY from Michelle Scotto.

3. Then make them fight.

Tobias Ziegler easter egg light sabre star wars gifGif from Tobias Ziegler @ Behance.

4. Figure out how you can get your Hans on one of these.

Death Star gooey egg funny star wars chocolateVia Zeek Confectionery, Brazil.

5. Bake a skittish Jawa cake.

Jawa cake star wars easter funnyCake from Sweet Libertine Cakes.

6. Paint and hang some stromtrooper eggs.

Stormtrooper painted hanging eggs easter decorVia Next to Nicx.

7. Eat the Millennium Falcon.

Millennium Falcon filled Easter eggEaster egg from Sugar and Spice Arts.

8. Bake some wookie cookies.

Wookie cookies star wars party foodVia Stuck With Pins.

9. Or make a furry wookie cookie.

Wookie cookie plush toyVia Plush Team.

10. And paint some more eggs.

Painted Star Wars eggs easter funnyVia Estefi Machado.

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