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They Draw And Cook; Artful Chocolate Recipes

There’s little as frustrating as trying to decide what to have for dinner so why not turn those hours spent pouring over Delia and Martha’s finest into a more artful endeavour? They Draw and Cook is a yummy website that combines cutesy illustrations with get-in-my-belly deliciousness. Artist from around the world are invited to submit illustrations of their favourite recipes and the archive is as addictive as some of the dishes. Many of the offerings have been included in various The Draw and Cook books and would look pretty adoraballs on the kitchen walls. With Easter in mind I’ve picked some of my favourite (looks and taste wise) chocolate recipes from the site. You can almost taste the pretty. 
Chocolate crepe recipe inforgraphic Chocolate crepe; Kaitlyn McCane, They Draw And Cook.
White chocolate and spices hot drink recipe art White chocolate and spices hot drink recipe; Or Livneh, They Draw And Cook.
Chocolate coconut candy recipe Chocolate Coconut Candy; Taylor Higgins, They Draw and Cook.
Chocolate chip muffins recipe artChocolate chip muffins recipe art; Maria Prieto Barea, They Draw and Cook.
Warming cocoa drink recipe artWarming cocoa drink recipe; Kristina Alijosiute, They Draw and Cook.
Brownies for one microwave recipe Brownies for one microwave recipe; Kendahl Kreps, They Draw and Cook.
Chocolate banana muffins recipe artChocolate banana muffins recipe; Shivani, They Draw and Cook.

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