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Tuesday Boozeday; Boozy Raspberry And Cucumber Cocktail

Suffering from that Tuesday blood-alcohol dip? Time for some booziness. After five weeks, 6 cocktails and two drowned Lego Men, I’ve come to the end of my cucumber vodka experiment. What have I learned? Three things: 1. Melon and cucumber are a really disgusting combination (I only posted 5 cocktails, the melon abomination failed the taste test and barely passed the being-able-to-hold-it-down taste); 2. Using a potato peeler on a cucumber makes the prettiest garnish ever and 3. I am going to dropkick any barman who tells me they don’t have fresh cucumber this summer.
To bid farewell to the cucumber, I made this appropriately summery slushie with an inappropriately high alcohol content. If your raspberries are fresh instead of frozen you can still make yourself a tasty drink, just add plenty of ice and don’t expect the slushie consistency. This – with the tart raspberries and quenching cucumber – will be what my mouth is going to remember of summer ’13. 

Boozy Raspberry and Cucumber Slushie Cocktail Recipe

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