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Tuesday Boozeday; Cherry Mojito Cocktail Recipe.

Tuesday Boozeday is powered by Sarah‘s birthday today. Happy Birthday baby! It will come as no surprise when I tell you that Sarah’s downed a few cocktails in her day, but her favourite remains the mojito. Or sometimes the Mai Tai. Or a Long Island. Or beer slops. It depends on a lot of variants. Either way, she’ll hopefully like the cherry mojito, a sparkling blend of popped cherries and rum, much like the birthday girl herself. If you know the classic mojito, you’ll understand the gist of how to make one; squash fruit, add booze, ice and fizz and drink it down way faster than is ladylike. And repeat. As today is the last Tuesday Boozeday featuring cherry liqueur, feel free to leave some suggestions for March’s liqueur of the month. Liqueur? I barely know her. Yeah. 

Tuesday Boozeday Cherry Mojito cocktail recipe ideas

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