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Tuesday Boozeday; Peppermint Easter Bunny Cocktail Recipe

The Easter Bunny came a-calling and decided to chocolate up my peppermint schnapps cocktail streak. It wasn’t really the Easter bunny, it was this Step by Step guide I came across that explains a seriously easy method for making chocolate infused vodka. The bunnies started talking after a few samples. The tutorial make truly tasty and incredible easy choccie voddie; simply melt 5 or 6 bars of some decent chocolate and slowly add 700ml of vodka, allow to cool and you’ve got yourself some dangerous yumminess on your hands.

I’m storing mine in a jar in the freezer for spiking unsuspecting coffees and making Peppermint Easter Bunny cocktails. Which I completely made up.  Mint and choc are a winning combo and the sharpness of peppermint schnapps works really well in this creamy treat. There are similar cocktails out there, like the Chocolate Mintini and the Peppermint Patty, but this one requires fewer expensive ingredients than most and, in my biased opinion, is hella tasty. Let the kids have their eggs, there’s only one way to do Easter in style; tipsy. Merry Easter Eggs, one and all!

Peppermint Easter Bunny Cocktail Recipe schnapps choc mint

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