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Tuesday Boozeday; Peppermint Mintini Cocktail.

Boozeday Tuesday Peppermint Mintini cocktail peppermint schnapps martini

New month, new liqueur; won’t you help me welcome my new friend peppermint schnapps with a mintini? Okay, so I know Crème de Menthe is a little easier to get hold of but trust me when I tell you peppermint schnapps is tastier. And I’m not just saying that because it has a higher alcohol content. Peppermint schnapps is not as sweet as CdM, which gives the mintiness a bit more room to blow ya mind. Also, schnapps is clear, CdM isn’t; in terms of versatility for cocktails, clear spirits are always the way to go. 

So, let’s start with a peppermint martini then. This naturally raises the question, shaken or stirred? Many bartenders claim that shaking is a mugs game; it bruises the gin (no gin in this), dilutes the drink with the violently chipped ice-cubes, can make the drink cloudy and that, as a rule, clear cocktails should be stirred. Other bartenders argue that if you want your drink properly chilled, shaking is the way to go. Maybe the answer is unless you’re making it yourself, leave it up to the barman…because let’s face it, if Daniel Craig can’t say “shaken not stirred” without sounding like a dick, we probably can’t either. 

Boozeday Tuesday Peppermint Mintini cocktail peppermint schnapps martini

 P.S. I bought my Joseph Cartron White Peppermint Schnapps from the lovely people at Mitchell & Son (in person, I might add, and they really are lovely!). I got the Riedel martini glass there too, which is on sale at the moment for €7.50

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