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Tuesday Boozeday; Pomegranate and Cucumber Spritzer

Tuesday equals Boozeday ’round these parts and as it’s been a sunny day, how but a summer spritzer? Continuing cucumber vodka’s reign (here’s the super easy way to make it for those of you who haven’t been paying attention), today I added some pomegranate juice and I am glad I did. Glad and a little tipsy. In the end pomegranate juice alone didn’t quite work but equal parts pom and soda water is just about perfect. The immediate taste is all juicy and tart and the refreshing cucumber brings a refreshing coolness akin to that time Fonzie saved Joanie from being felt up by the motorcycle gang. The Pom and Cuce Spritzer – which is definitely what Fonzie would have called it –  is really easy to make, low on ingredients, and you don’t even need a shaker. Happy days.

cucumber bloody mary cocktail recipe
Tuesday Boozeday; Cucumber Bloody Mary
Cucumber Moscow Mule vodka cocktail recipe spring summer 2013
Tuesday Boozeday; Cucumber Vodka Mule
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