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Tuesday Boozeday; Summery Rose Tea Mojito Cocktail Recipe

So I’ve been a little slow on posts lately but naturally the cocktails keep on coming. Today’s cocktail is a rose tea mojito, made all the prettier if you happen to nab some tea made from rosebuds. I’m not sure if this is going to be the last cocktail I feature made with tea as the mixer; the options are endless, it’s pretty cheap and it sounds quite fancy, so why let it go? Instead of being a decent alternative to fresh juices in a pinch, which is how I saw it at the beginning of the month, I’ve since decided that tea is an all too overlooked cocktail hero. And yes, the yummily rosed up rum is doing some of the sweet talking here.
The rose bud mojito is pretty easy to make and if you know you’re way around a mojito, the main difference is that you’re using rose tea to top the muddled mint and lime instead of club soda. It’s worth remembering that rose is quite a delicate flavour so go easy on the lime and mint and if you can, opt for the sweeter peppermint. This would be a lovely cocktail for weddings or hen nights but I’m just going to use the prettiness as a distraction from how much I’m guzzling. Which is exactly what I look for in a drink for weddings or hen nights.


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