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Wardrobe Cheat-Sheet; 8 Ways With The Varsity Jacket

It’s hard to be chic when the weather is sabotaging your every sartorial decision but a nifty summer jacket (yes, nifty) has a way of sticking it to the stupid rain clouds. Right now the baseball jacket, aka varsity jacket, is doing a good job of keeping out the high-summer hypothermia without making us look like hermetic loons and it’s hard work is being rewarded with catwalk and side-walk sightings of the most stylish kind. Even for those lucky duckers living in a country where frostbite isn’t a year-round concern there’s a lot to be said for a colourful topper that can see you through the transitional seasons without turning all wintry  Sporty enough to be devoid of any blazer connotations and smart enough to dodge hoodie territory, the baseball jacket always hits a homerun. Actually, we don’t get baseball in Ireland so I’m not sure if I used that term  correctly. How about, the baseball jacket always gets to third base? Yes, yes that will do nicely. Behold. 

how to wear baseball varsity jacket 2013 trends street style

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