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Weak for Wallpaper; Wall & Decó are Turning up The Heat

One of my besties, Tafty is also cut from the same silken cloth when it comes to our profession. Slaves to the world of interior decoration, our conversations can get a tad design-centric when we meet up. Throw in a bottle, or two, of white and it’s kinda mental impressive how long we can flog a subject like… Shelving or Abigail Ahern’s sitting room. 

Or, as was the case last week, Wallpaper. Meet Wall & decó, the super cool Italian Wallpaper Design Company that is burying the “neutral” trend 6 feet under while hastening the pulse rate of wall whisperers everywhere. Don’t you just love a bad boy. (Thanks for introducing us Tafty, fight you for him!) x





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